1985FM Gaming Podcast
Episode 82

It Wasn't a Dream! It was Paxcow!

Randy Logudice published on

The locals whispered of a silent evil that laid waiting in the outer reaches of Almagordo, rumored to retun the souls of lifeless vessels buried below it's sacred grounds. Out of options and desperate, the young business man travels to a place where loss might be traded with hope. But at what cost?

Decades later, now an old man clings to the regrets of a life shaped by the years after that fateful day in New Mexico. He retuns to dig up the sins buried underneath the cursed soil...

Also on the show,

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  • Child of Light
  • Hearthstone
  • Dark Souls 2


1985FM Gaming Podcast - It Wasn't a Dream! It was Paxcow!
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