2001 The Podcast
Episode 32

A.I. Artificial Intelligence and Satellite by P.O.D.

2001 The Podcast published on

Hosts Richard Sheehan and Will DaRosa discuss the film A.I. Artificial Intelligence and the album Satellite by P.O.D. with guest Richard Duryea. 

Show Notes / Topics Discussed: 

- A.I., *not* AL - Checking in with Tobin McGrobin - Is Gene Hackman nice?  (Still not worried about him) - A Knight’s Tale, starring Martin Lawrence - Teddy is the real MVP - our mixed takes on 1941 - KubrickCast, Yorgos Lanthimos talk - Isaac Asimov talk, I, RobotCast - Box Office talk, Gone with the Wind still the champ - Janusz Kaminski, DP talk - Haley Joel Osment destroying the child actor game - Faces Coming ApartCast, Lord of the Rings talk - melee war and combat strategies - surviving the apocalypse is easy if you’re rich - John Williams appreciation - Reborn Babies (yikes), diving straight into the uncanny valley - how much do Mecha children weigh? - gaming the second-hand Watch market - Future CarCast, taking the Amphibicopter to at least the Stratosphere - Flat Earthers get at us - Francis O’Connor appreciation - RC Car Cast, talking batteries - Ted and Teddy extended cinematic universe (TCU) - Boston Dynamics, stop kicking your robots - Martin: future school shooter, Handwriting talk - trying to steal manual cars - Star Wars Cast, bleep bloop lights, toggles appreciation, Bypassing the Compressor - Fast and FuriousCast, the return of the Dirigible - ultraviolence is ok if it’s afflicted upon robots - who could have predicted mumblerap? - explaining to our grandkids that Battlebots wasn’t problematic - Baby Vincent Chase, erotic dance bar talk - Running Man throwback, Demolition DerbyCast - the shaky rules of movie betting scenes - Medieval TimesCast, Brendan Gleeson talk - we decipher the rules of Mecha Prostitution - Spielberg and Michael Bay palin’ around - A.I./Transformers/Indiana Jones extended universe - more Haley Joel Osment appreciation - Talking about that ending, The Kubrick Extended Universe - A.I. is a masterpiece, @ us or don’t, Bartificial Intelligence - P.O.D. Satellite talk - sneaking through the Christian filter - Impulse Control, the band - no chain wallets at Universal Studios, buddy - Universal Studios Hollywood Lost and Found Division appreciation - Paramount Great AmericaCast, Theme Park talk general - Addison Goss: DJ Demonic, Race 3Cast - getting our Nu Metal Booms mixed up - P.O.D. music video breakdowns, table tennis talk - Weird AlCast, don’t pee on his Walk of Fame star - crushing your big crane shot dreams 

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