2001 The Podcast
Episode 35

Ali and Sweet Tea by Buddy Guy

2001 The Podcast published on

Hosts Richard Sheehan and Will DaRosa discuss the film Ali and the album Sweet Tea by Buddy Guy with guest Dedi Felman. 

Show Notes / Topics Discussed: 

Filmmaker Dedi Felman - hanging out in North Korea - Will Smith appreciation, Rocktalk, Pain and Gain appreciation - Will Smith and Jada Pinkett seem to have chemistry - being accused of being a swinger - Michael MannCast, Heat appreciation - Steve Jobs talk - The Dirt non-cast - Bohemian Rhapsody varied appreciation - talking Biopics, Dirt actualCast - music writing is not sexy - Shrill Boxer GirlfriendCast - Mario Van Peebles appreciation - Chokers all over - Young Sam Jackson looking good - Ali the standup comedian, Ali the rapper - imagining Ali’s epic Twitter clapbacks - Sony F900 CineAlta un-appreciation - a 5 hour Ali cut is out there somewhere - ChivoCast, Chivo appreciation, all day every day - Sandy in Space - this movie loves horizontal lines - watching people make things is just the best - the poor man’s Heat, the art of the period piece - Stranger Things BMXCast - verité extreme, Punk Rock Directing - Dedi brings the deep insights - the efficiency of Michael Mann - Digital IntermediateCast, don’t wait for Ali on 4:3 - Eric RothCast - Muhammad Ali and Howard Cosell road trip spinoff - Jeffrey Wright & Giancarlo Espisito appreciation, Vince Gilligan sightings - Buddy Guy talk, Muhhamad Ali sightings - Dedi with the Chicago underground scoop - Will’s Revenge Thriller movie, scored by Buddy Guy - we got exotic dancers, no big deal - plugging the George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine - algorithm and blues, Punk Rock MBACast - we’re ready for a modern Tony Scott - Visit Chicago!

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