2001 The Podcast
Episode 25

Blow and Love and Theft by Bob Dylan

2001 The Podcast published on

Hosts Richard Sheehan and Will DaRosa discuss the film Blow and the album Love and Theft by Bob Dylan with guest Adrian Castillo. 

Show Notes / Topics Discussed:

- Adrian Castillo - filmmaker and film school friend - what are those wacky CSUN CTVA kids up to these days? - film sound talk, please fast forward (Tentacle Sync is the jam, though, sponsor us) - Ted DemmeCast, Ellen KurasCast - bad movie moms - explaining to our kids someday how much of a crime weed used to be - baby Emma Roberts, Penelope CruzCast - Bohemian RhapsodyCast - amazing plot breakdown by Adrian - Government shutdown woes, LAX in the current year is a nightmare - Cliff Curtis cast, Pablo Escobar was a pretty scary dude - appreciating a good rhetorical question - the brief run of turtlenecks in the early 2000’s - BallersCast, celebrities and athletes trying to act -AquamanCast - watch American Vandal, Razzie talk - Bob Dylan Love and Theft talk - stop it Canon with your camera naming conventions - analogue baby! - Sound City talk - shots fired at the very concept of millenials - Bandersnatch talk

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