2001 The Podcast
Episode 19

Evolution and The Spirit Room by Michelle Branch

2001 The Podcast published on

Hosts Richard Sheehan and Will DaRosa discuss the film Evolution and the album The Spirit Room by Michelle Branch with guest Connor Weinstein. 

Show Notes / Topics Discussed: 

- David Duchovny, the X Files guy, DuchovnyCast, Orlando JonesCast - Mad TV talk, everyone is in this movie - Ivan ReitmanCast - Dueling We’re-Just-Gonna-Bone-And-Not-Fall-In-Love flicks - Twins 2, Michael ChapmanCast - The Dreamworks logo is wonderful - tossing out the wild theory that Spielberg and John Williams are real life pals - Armageddon paving the way for how to film something falling from space and crashing into Earth - Sean William Scott appreciation - the end of SciFi comedies? Cowboys and Aliens talk -  Californication or X Files? Or maybe Aquarius? - 2001 hairstyles in full force in Evolution - Don’s PlumCast, google ‘Pussy Posse’ at work in front of your boss - please don’t, we’re just kidding - hey Biology majors, what’s that thing called with the glass and you put the thing in it and look at the microscope and whatever, you know what, nevermind - hey firefighters, would you hire Sean William Scott? - official people getting their jurisdiction on - Duchovny’s ass/fruitbasket (now you’re listening) - they don’t sell vegetables and fruit in quantities for single people - dodgy tech speak, big gross bugtalk - shout out to the furry werewolf man - this movie needed Jeff Goldblum - Rotten Tomatoes gets 0% from us, Dude Where’s My Car?Cast - Matt MahaffeyCast - Alienators: Evolution Continues - Richard goes on about American Gods for the 100th time, brief HannibalCast - Michelle Branch talk, “Everywhere” SLAPS - Michelle Branch landing TV spots left and right - Where did all those Laguna Beach kids go? - Michelle Branch appreciation, lots of it - when pop stars ‘wear’ guitars - music video talk, Michelle Branch didn’t own sleeves yet, “movie photography” - Dave Navarro guitar-bombing your album - Avril LavingeCast, Entouraging’ - hey Fred Durst, where is The Unquestionable Truth part 2?? - The infamous ICP drop kick attempt on Fred Durst -  Watch watch, BeatlesCast, Across the Universe talk - Maroon 5’s first album was pretty good (no, really) - SantanaCast, Pop Goes Punk talk

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