2001 The Podcast
Episode 29

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Digimortal by Fear Factory

2001 The Podcast published on

Hosts Richard Sheehan and Will DaRosa discuss the film Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and the album Digimortal by Fear Factory with guest Dan Berget. 

Show Notes / Topics Discussed:

- Dan Berget another High School AV buddy and now works with Amazon - behind the scenes of Amazon deliveries - cameras on everything, Emulator talk - StreetfighterCast, Satoru IwataCast - Graphing CalculatorCast, American School systemCast - changing your own oil just ain’t worth it - Jason Mewes: secret weapon - Theater actor appreciation, LadybirdCast - AfflekCast, Cop Out talk, Red State Appreciation - the zippy Fiesta ST - our favorite Kevin Smith flicks, talking comic book movies - movies about movies, DC Daily talk - the glory days of digital piracy, gettin' clickbaited - DVX talk, we miss internet forums (they still exist, but you know what we mean) - Mark HamillCast, John Williams is the greatest - Jurassic ParkCast, dropping those Entrapment references - James Bond talk - being a sucker for a well placed fart joke - CameoCast - hanging out in the Grip Jungle, trying to avoid making onto Shitty Rigs - Laguna BeachCast, guilty pleasure shows - Roman CoppolaCast - Joseph D Reitman talk - just missing the Jamie Kennedy Experiment window - Mark HamillCast 2, sleeping through the original Star Wars in the theater - Jay & Silent Bob: one of the first cinematic universes? - counting fucks, Narc talk - Fear Factory talk, Terminator 3 appreciation - O-O-O-O’Reeeiiiillllllyyyy - buying albums back in the day was risky business - elite hacking to industrial music

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