2001 The Podcast
Episode 46

Memento and Bleed American by Jimmy Eat World

2001 The Podcast published on

Hosts Richard Sheehan and Will DaRosa discuss the film Memento and the album Bleed American by Jimmy Eat World with guest Sergio Maggi

Show Notes / Topics Discussed: 

- thespian resume talk - Rock talk, ending the Memento release date debate - putting your head up your ass in a good way - the golden age of DVD packaging - how long is a movie, anyway? - OG Lion King appreciation - everyone forgot about Insomnia - it’s about damn time for Stunt Oscars - Wally Pfister appreciation, remembering Transcendence - Carrie-Anne Moss, Nolan loves intense blue-eyed brunettes - Joey Pants appreciation - Alex coins the Nolan Perception Trilogy - shitty motels in the valley are cool now - most of LA kinda looks like ass - Joey Pants and Guy Pierce hairCast - CarCast, British Racing Green Jaguars only please - plugging a movie premiere twitter account that is now suspended - The famous Justin and Britney denim outfits, Mark Boone Jr talk - the barista uniform, talking tattooos, pitching Memento spinoffs - Joyce/Winona Ryder appreciation, shopliftingCast - everything is gonna be fine - handwritingCast, Oceans movies talk - when your movie needs a lazerbutt - dropping Leibovitz references - Harmony Korine appreciation - Jimmy Eat World talk - Blink 182 un-appreciation, Dads who love The Beatles - cool album covers - are you from the Berenstein or Berenstain universe? - Jimmy Eat World music video talk - throwing some Journey shade, pondering the death of the influencer

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