2001 The Podcast
Episode 34

Monsters, Inc. and Miss E... So Addictive by Missy Elliott

2001 The Podcast published on

Hosts Richard Sheehan and Will DaRosa discuss the film Monsters, Inc. and the album Miss E... So Addictive by Missy Elliott with guest Patrick Maxwell. 

Show Notes / Topics Discussed: 

- 2001 The Podcast Origin Stories - putting a theater inside a Dave & Busters - lots of hands in the Pixar bucket, Pete Docter talk - CG animation talk, Pixar history - 90’s kids movie plot breakdowns - the first Pixar Disney castle - Toy Story 4 thoughts - AlladdinCast, Sonic the Hedgehog leaks - come back to us Will Smith - we’re in the Disney+ Endgame now - Inverted ET, sneaking your exposition in, Voice CastingCast - Mike Wazowski Carcast, talking fur - one time Richard saw real life Boo at a Denny’s in Reseda - Monsters Inc, Point Break, and Fast & the Furious: basically the same - Jurassic ParkCast, Pixar Appreciation - long live Elmo the cat, - Sully and Mike’s tight 5 - past and future guest Max’s bachelor party, Comedy StoreCast - crying during the Blue Umbrella, talking Pixar Shorts - teasing the ShrekCast - Missy Elliot talk, Timbaland appreciation - Ludacris appreciation, Missy Elliot videotalk - deep video editing talk

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