2001 The Podcast
Episode 38

Spy Kids and Your Favorite Weapon by Brand New

2001 The Podcast published on

Hosts Richard Sheehan and Will DaRosa discuss the film Spy Kids and the album Your Favorite Weapon by Brand New with guest Klarika Huszar. 

Show Notes / Topics Discussed: 

- our one friend with all the movies - picking out our James Bonds - Learning where Sean Connery fits in our lives, Indiana JonesCast - Robert RodriguezCast, Alita: Battle Angel appreciation - Guillermo Navarro talk, Carla Gugino pronunciation struggles - Spy Kids castCast, Robert Patrick, Tony Shalhoub talk - IsuzuCast, Submarine Cars general - Vanity plates, those ‘electric car people’ (you know who you are) - New York driver unappreciation, gas prepping - AutoTempest gets a free ad, Jalopnik talk - how to save money when you have CGI hand-people in your movie - the Tomatometer audience score messes up - The shockingly expansive Home Alone extended universe, Hot OnesCast - Hey vegans, what’s up with your wings? - getting smashed on O’Doul’s, why don’t toilets talk more? - the sheer terror of rising toilet water, stranger’s toilets survival tips - Live by the bidet, die by the bidet - professionally styled Big Macs, how to style your own Big Mac - Elizabeth Avellan talk, crazy kid names - getting one’s dalliance on, shrugging it off - Alita: Battle Angel appreciation II - Rodriguez’s 10 Minute Cooking School, Film School - once you go Dual Monitors you don’t go back - Butchers: get at us, IntestineCast general - Teri Hatcher spotting, Desperate HousewivesCast - ToastCast, Michelle PfiefferCast (she definitely parties) - the uncomfortable sexuality of Batman Returns - wart plotlines with no payoff, DermatologyCast - Richard Linklater: Cool Spy - scifi culinary movie magic, AromaScope, D-Box theaters - Captain E-O talk, fucking hell with your ticket prices Disneyland - Brand New talk - the punk rock/emo beef scene, Nas vs Jay-Z, BeefCast general - when to downgrade a beef to a feud - accent talk, cutepie boys with British accents - Jude LawCast, Marvel movie ranking - when a show finally does the Clip Episode - Brand New music video talk, blasting music on your Myspace page - when your family gets on social media, it’s all over - thank you Facebook for the snooze option, no thank you for everything else - The Hard Times talk, Fred Durst: Jazz man - Lady Gaga appreciation, BTSCast - formative music listening years for your brain - talking disco house , Latino garage Rock - Eastbound and DownCast, BaseballCast, talking Summer Catch - Los Monstros shouts out, Jersey Garage Band fashion scene

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