2001 The Podcast
Episode 14

The Fast and The Furious and Room For Squares by John Mayer

2001 The Podcast published on

Hosts Richard Sheehan and Will DaRosa discuss the film The Fast and The Furious and the album Room For Squares by John Mayer with guest Taylor Mahony. 

Show Notes / Topics Discussed: 

- We describe our first times (seeing the movie) - prepare for a “little bit” of car talk - It’s a modern day western/Point Break with cars - Dialogue talk, we get Sandwich crazy, granny shifting, double clutching - Regular people as extras, First things Durst - Razor ScooterCast - Michelle Rodriquez stank face, talkin shit - RIP Paul Walker, The Fast and Furious Pop culture cache - T Money listens to the podcast, and that makes us feel good - the dead art of covering the fuck out of a scene - Rob Cohen cast, Shane HurlbutCast - Tuna on white with no crust on a hot summer day? have you ever been Sandwich Crazy? - Post Production lesson in D.I. - How did Leon get an R33 Skyline? Streetrace talk - Papa Roach Pop In pilot episode - friends don’t grab friend’s heads - Paul Walkers beautiful ojos - all three of us are too lazy to google whether Fatburger exists outside California - introducing: NOS - Noel GugliemiCast (again) - Ja Rule, where did you go?  Come back to us - Ford Taurus SPORT - Will blows the lid off the Walker estate Clearasil conspiracy - Will elects Alicia Vikander as the female Tom Cruise of Running - no muscle cars allowed - gearbox hijinks, guitar hijinks, 10 second cars - front wheel burnouts are never cool - Luminox, GShock, watch talk - Paul Walker is obviously a cop - Oilboarding - Real, actual filters baby, Schneider Optics are real bros - Racewars (actual Racewars, not race wars) - No Beamers in this movie - Gettin Punk’d - How is school going?  What’s that on your shirt? - SOLO was cool - real in-camera stuff feels good - keep your front plate on, criminals - we rank all the cars (sorta) - talking John Mayer - Watch talk II - U2 was in your iTunes long before that free album - we document John Mayer’s path of destruction - behind the behind the scenes of behind the scenes music videos

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