22 July 2018 free movie download sites

Episode 3

A-X-L 2018 free movie downloads online

Natalia Brown published on

A-X-L 2018 free movie downloads online. AXL is a robotic dog produced by the military to defend tomorrow. Code named by the scientists who created it, AXL name three means Attack, Exploration, and Logistics and incorporates the most advanced next-generation artificial intelligence. After an experiment that went awry, AXL has discovered hiding alone in the desert by a good-hearted stranger named Miles, who finds a way to connect with him after activating his proprietary pairing technology. Together, the two develop a special friendship based on trust, loyalty, and compassion. To help Miles gain the trust he has lacked, AXL will do everything possible to protect his new partner, even face the scientists who created it and who will do anything to get it back. Know what is at stake if you capture AXL.


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