As a lonely wife, there are chances that you might carry out a review or look up all sorts of sites for a hookup, in order to hook up an online sexual partner, and based on reviews of competent and not scam sites such as lonelywifehookups review from HookUpMasters, there is a possibility that your desires would be met.

A good number of people view sex as an avenue to have an intimate link with the person you are in love with. However, there are a good number of people who do not keep their sexuality private and would love to have pleasure without the emotional load that accompanies love and relationships.

Below are three simple steps which would enable you to have constant sex without any form of commitment and attachments:  

1. Have a clear distinction between love and sex:

When it comes to having sex and falling in love, they are two different things. A good number of people have been tutored by movies, family and friends, that constant having sex could lead to love. It should, however, be known that love is a multifaceted emotion which grows with time, and it develops as you get to have a good knowledge of all aspects of the other partner’s life. Sequel to orgasm, women are known to discharge a hormone which is known as oxytocin, that gives a pseudo-feeling of connection and love. This is the major reason why, irrespective of their logical reasoning about a person, love is most times mistaken with sex.

Hence, it is essential that you do not muddle up the feelings you have for someone, with another individual because of the pleasure you derive from sex.

2. Do not sleep with people you have a romantic history with:

For instance, a lonely wife who once had a serious hookup with someone in her past can still have sex without any commitment to the person. Based on lonely wife hookup review, for instance, you would see that it is highly advantageous that if you want to have sex with someone, it should not be with an individual who you have had a romantic encounter with before. It is very difficult to maintain a friendship which once had a sexual romp, and reintroducing sex into it, would rekindle every feeling of commitment, attraction, and love. One of the factors which separate couples from friends is the absence of a sexual connection, and when your sex life is revived, the feelings will come along, even though you do not want them to.

3. Define your boundaries:

This is one of the essential steps which needs to be considered before having a stable sexual partner. You should be able to clearly state your boundaries to potential partner when it comes to having sex. If you are getting to close with such a person, and it does not want you to want, it is advised that you give each other some distance, before hooking up again. For example, long conversations should not be held, as it could afford both parties, the luxury of getting to know about one another, and this could step-up the level of intimacy, with time, love and strong feelings of attraction could set in. You could also decide to use protection when you want to hookup with someone.


It is understandable that some people are not willing to enter into a serious relationship yet, probably due to the fact that they just got off one, and it was not a pleasant ride. Hence, what they need is just a sexual partner who would be there to satisfy their sexual urge each time it surfaces. It is however advised that this should be done with caution, in order to ensure that you do not develop any form of commitment with time. The above-listed steps will certainly come in handy if you happen to be in this situation. 

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