Tired of typical partisan hacks reporting the same old recycled viewpoints on shows? Want to hear a new and refreshing perspective on politics from well-informed teens?

Take a listen, as David Szomor and I, Adam Ginsburg, politically passionate high school students from Eastchester, New York, go head to head in contentious debates over contemporary issues. 

We believe that the voice of the youth in our nation, because of the megaphones provided to those with experience and age (not necessarily bad attributes but certainly not the only ones that determine substance) in our political arena, are marginalized in a fashion that discludes from discourse a sizable portion of the population. So, through our podcast, we want to do something about that unfortunate truth.

For views on America's present and future from intelligent young-adults, this is the place.  Please subscribe and give feedback! We'd love to know how we can improve!