The key part of any essay is a statement thesis. It is a short yet clear central message of your paper. It should dwell on the issue that is being development and your opinion on that. It is a kind of map that helps readers to be aware of what the debate is about, and what are your thoughts on it. Generally, a thesis statement is usually not longer than two sentences and very straightforward. Due to a limited volume, it is quite a hard task to create a perfect statement. How can you get better at it? Here are 5 steps one should take for writing an excellent statement.

1. Define the subject of your essay and make the main idea a question. For example, if you are writing about the role of social media in modern communication ask, “How social media affected the communication in the 21st century?” now you have a question to answer, write down the answers you have and underline the key one. For instance, it’s an influence on the feeling of constantly being online or being seen by other people. By brainstorming answers to the main question you get different perspectives on the issue and can define which one is the most important or influential.

2. Look through examples online. There is lots of helping platform dealing with education and college assignments. The thesis statement has a common structure as well as an essay itself, that’s why it is great to have examples on your table to make sure you are doing everything right. You can also use a writing service to help you out with making a great statement. There is nothing wrong with looking for professional assistance. Our dissertation writers can help you with thesis statement writing. Remember, that professional writers do thesis statements every day and they know exactly how to make it perfect. So if you feel like you have a need for help, ask for it and get a perfect result from a high-quality service.

3. Add emphasis to your statement. Students tend to combine different argument with “and”/“or” thinking it is enough for an amazing statement. As soon as you have decided on the main idea and key answer to the question you are rising with your paper, don’t be afraid to put an emphasis on your statement. It will make it more engaging and show the relevance of the issue. For example, “The Rise of Social Media Leads to Anxiety Caused by the Felling of Being Always Seen and Judged by the Public”.

4. Be sure that your thesis is specific. The main mistake a lot of people make is formulating a vague and wide statement. For example “Importance of Social Media in Modern Communication” is very wide and vague as it gives no idea what your standing point is and what makes social media so important. The more specific you are the better overview of one particular aspect you provide.

5. Return to your statement after writing the main body of an essay. The statement goes in the beginning and is a proposition on what you are going to cover. However, sometimes developing arguments may lead you to new conclusions. That’s why it is important to go back to the thesis and check whether it is suitable for the paper you’ve written. Remember, that it should not only underline the issue but also show your opinion. Revise your paper to see how it corresponds to the statement you are making. If you’ve come to new conclusions, just change the statement and make it more specific.

A thesis statement is an important part of writing a perfect essay and it takes a lot of skill and critical thinking to do it right. You are probably going to spend a lot of time on it, but it is worth it. Remember to make it specific, clear and engaging. 

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