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Episode 26

Episode 26

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On this week's episode, Alex and Brandon chat about stringssssssss.

First on the agenda for the show, Alex opens up the latest box for DC Legion of Collectors, the Women of DC theme. It was a unique box, and if you want to see his reactions to what's inside and not just hear, you can check it out on Periscope. After that, Brandon gives his choice for the letter M in this week's ABC's of Geekdom segment, which is guaranteed to get you pumped up. With all that taken care of, Alex launches into corrections from last week's episode, which include Dex-Starr, Kit Harrington, the Pokémon world, 1963 comics, Max Steel, Pokémon, the Producers, amiibo, Static Shock, Anna Kendrick, Batman voice actors, the ABC Podcast, Pixar, TMNT, and Pocket Tanks.

With all of that covered, the boys talk about a bit of news, a little as their was from the past week, which includes, Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift's break up, even more Pokémon news, the new Shin Godzilla trailer, Black Lightning coming to Fox, DCEU news, an update on the Uncharted movie, and Shia LeBeouf almost being in Suicide Squad. After that, Alex and Brandon move on to the feature topic for the show, a lengthy discussion about Marvel's The Avengers: Age of Ultron (spoilers from 1:45:30-2:31:30). Surprisingly, there's less arguing than you might expect, but there are plenty of good points and differing views offered, so stay tuned for that. Before ending the show, the boys duke it out in a super Fan Fic Fights.

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