A Guerra dos Tronos 8ª Temporada Episódio 06 legendado online Pt~Br portugues

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A Guerra dos Tronos 8ª Temporada Episódio 06 legendado online Pt-Br português

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português  Clique Aqui ??  http://tubeplus.pro/tv/1399-8-6/game-of-thrones/

 português  Clique Aqui ??  http://tubeplus.pro


Well that was not expected. Yes, the last episode of Game of Thrones was absolutely crazy to say the least but don’t worry, you’re entering a spoiler-free zone here. What we will say though is just...wow, right? And now it’s time for the big one - are you ready to watch Game of Thrones episode 6?

A full hour and 20 minutes of our favourite dragon riding freer of slaves, the Hound’s best scene yet and some of the most impressive cinematics from the show so far has got us hyped for the sixth and final, yes final episode.

But with so much going on, the episode did feel slightly rushed. So this finale, which aims to tie up the entire show in one episode, may be even faster – be warned. That said, we've been getting what we wanted so far, Game of Thrones doing what it does best - shock and awe - so bring on more as we get ready for the finale. And this is how you can watch the final episode of Game of Thrones online where you are.

Watch Game of Thrones online on HBO
Game of Thrones is an HBO show so, as you'd imagine, that's your first port of call to get access to the GoT finale. So if you have an HBO subscription it's as easy as grabbing the clicker and putting the right channel on. Or, for those on the go using online connections, there's HBO Go and HBO Now.

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