Episode 22

Podcast 22: Successful Careers in Detailing with Jason Rose, Kevin Brown, Derek Demis and Joe Fernandez

Larry Kosilla published on

While at the 2014 SEMA show, Jason, Kevin, Derek, Joe, and I speak about the various professions within the detailing community. This thorough discussion should shed some light on what path may be best for your detailing career and which ones might not work with what your chosen direction. Over 100 years of experience in the podcast. Enjoy!

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  • Alejandro Santos

    Great Info! It was mentioned but I also believe in the word of mouth for those of us starting off. The one thing I also do which you guys mentioned is that "let me show you" idea even if it means no profit.

  • Husvad Teran

    I'm not at your level guys but hope to be soon after getting through the rough time of starting a detailing business I've been working at it for a couple years now and hope by the next two ill be at it hard full time Ive had my patches of good and bad times but it's going well I can't expect too much I'm not able to do it all the time , but I have reaped the benefits of being able to make more than or just as much as when I worked full time, in less 1/3 of of the time. I love it and am always excited to detail

  • Kevin Davis

    As a guy that was one signature away from opening my own gym in 1997 or so...I'm TOTALLY going to steal Joe's idea...that was hilarious. Can we add a stage for our Cuban friend to come and do standup? It'll help with the ab development.

    Great job fellas, very interesting, informative, and entertaining.