Attack of Opportunity
Episode 2

AoO Pathfinders PFS nd ed. Play test "Archlords Envy" Ep. 1

Roll Mongers Network published on
Her is Ep. 1 of our Pathfinder 2nd ed. PLAYTEST but V=NOT Doomsday Dawn! PFS "Archlords Envy" Intro "Dinner In Mittelatter" by Tiver "Music Maker Test 3" by Kevin Macleod "Exit the premisis" by Kevin macleod "Hidden Wonders" By Kevin Macloed "Unholy KnighT" By Kevin Macleod "Unknown fear" by darren curtis music "Pardon me" by Tiver "Stutter" By TIVER "Spire:Amaranth" By TableTop Audio "Return Of The mummy" Keven Macleod "Telephone ring" & "Sting: Piano" by Tabletop Audio Sound Pad Film Noir "Dinner In Mittelatter" by Tiver "Antiquarian Study" by Table top Audio "Cool City" by Tabletop Audio Sound Pad Film Noir "Clash Defiant" By Kevin Macleod
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