Aux Hog
Episode 1

RIP Mac Miller & New Beginnings

d00ditsjeremy published on

Welcome to Episode #001 boys & girls of the internet. it's late and i'm in a hurry so let's cut to the chase.

Each week I want to give you an episode full of connections I have to music, whether that means a song I can tie to an experience, a deep value of mine, or whatever.

I'm also really relying on y'all to send some connections you have as well! So @d00ditsjeremy on any social media, send me a DM with a title, artist, and a description of what that songs means to you.

In this episode I talk a lot about Mac Miller, as he passed away last week and was a huge influence on me as a person and young adult.

Thank you for listening! And keep passing the aux cord!

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