Episode 2

How a Therapy Session at 4am Can Change Your Life [EN]

Simon Schmid published on

Notice: My interview partner pointed to me that the recording and voice timing in the second third isn't that good. As I still try to figure out to fix this problem, I already going to provide you with my third episode.

Neil Spink, my today's guest, shares with us his very personal story. It's a story about a man who suffered from back pain over a decade. A man who decided not to do surgery but anyways almost did it. He explains why he changes therapists after one session and why he decided to attend a movement workshop from Ido Portal and how it transformed him.

This episode is about two grown-ups rediscovering their passion for play and how that influences body and mind. Join and have fun with us.

BackPainMovement - How a Therapy Session at 4am Can Change Your Life [EN]
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