Barbells & BS

Episode 4

Episode #4-Doug Coman and Trevor Young

Matt Murphy published on

This week on Barbells & BS we are joined by former local athletes Doug Coman and Trevor Young. Doug is a redshirt sophomore running back at the University of Idaho who was recently picked up on full scholarship. More impressive is that despite playing a typically smaller position, he is pound-for-pound the strongest  lifter on his team. Trevor was a University of San Diego running back until leaving the team this year for personal reasons. In his time away from football he has become an even more proficient lifter and has begun to consider committing more time to crossfit. He put up a sub-1:50 Grace time to start with. 

Trevor and Doug talk about how they train, where they came from, and how they got to where they are today. We also get into supplement use and what we think are and aren't effective. There's also a pretty classic poop story, among other things. They also try ammonia caps for the first time. Enjoy!



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