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Episode 15

iGaming industry in Europe: Facts + Statistics

Harry Burth published on

Europeans have long been distinguished by a passionate craving for gambling. The first casinos in the European territory appeared long before bright slot machines and convenient poker tables. In the eighteenth century, people played in ordinary bars or guest houses, content with minimal amenities and a lack of service. To date, gambling in Europe is officially allowed but is strongly controlled by government authorities. To be more precise, the gaming houses are legalized in twenty European countries, and in four of them allowed money bets on sports. In recent years, casinos on cruise ships have become popular.

In the XXI century the most popular gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas, is gradually losing its position among Europeans. The United States of America has recently tightened the nuts for tourists, and many people do not want to undergo a total inspection and interrogation for the sake of several games of poker. According to statistics, more and more tourists in 2016 prefer to play in casinos in European countries or in Chinese Macau. Affordable transport and no problems at the border do their job. This situation plays into the hands of European casino sites and gives them a good moral and monetary impetus to the development and improvement.

  1. In 2010, a social survey revealed the most gambling country in Europe. The survey was conducted among adult citizens living in EU countries. The three most playing countries included Italy, Poland, and Spain. And if with the first two candidates everything is clear: these 2 nations have always been different in their temperament, then in the understanding of the Polish there were difficulties. Apparently, a rather poor lifestyle pushes people to take risks for the sake of additional earnings.
  2. It should be noted that the survey included not only casino games. It's no secret that the lottery is also a gamble. What was remarkable was the fact that most opponents did not even associate lotteries with gambling; moreover, 90% of respondents played them regularly. And if gambling in Europe seemed immoral for 20% of respondents, almost everyone bought lottery tickets.
  3. After the top three were the best casinos in France and the UK. 70% of respondents at least once played in clubs or bought lottery tickets. There was nothing surprising here: after all, in which European countries have the best casinos? And the standard of living of the citizens of these countries is high enough to spend part of their earnings on gambling.
  4. Closed six of the leaders of the favorite casinos in Germany. The Germans have always been known for their pragmatism, and if they were in the first position, for most it would be a real shock. So everything is in its place.
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