There is a New Story emerging in our collective consciousness... A Story of love, new opportunity, abundance, and connection with one another... This Story is driven by emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and the general spread of the internet... The Story is one of understanding new and old ideas that drive our specis forward. Ideas like equal opportunity, friendship between religions, compassion and unification between races, philosophical teachings from all throughout the ages, and a blending of spirituality and science... This Story drives us into the future and it is carried by every one of us in our own way... On this podcast, we breakdown the specifics of how this Story is unfolding. We talk about the latest and greatest technologies that are bringing new hope and we also discuss ideas that evolve the consciousness of the species... When you are ready to start your own story, I invite you to check out the Excelsior learning platform... This is a free resource that will guide you around the internet and deliver you the very best information about whatever it is you're trying to learn. If you want to signup and begin your New Story, go to We cannot make a change in the world until we shift the education paradigm. With your help, we can make a shift. Thank you for being a carrier of the New Story of the People... Much love! :D -Paul Tokgozoglu

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