Bonus Features with Alex and Robert

Bonus Features with Alex and Robert - #6 - Terminal trailer, 3 From Hell Casting, etc.

Bonus Features with Alex and Robert published on

On this edition of Bonus Features, we discuss "Pacific Rim Uprising," the month of May, outrageous opinions, and more!

(00:00:29) Intro


(00:01:13) "Terminal" trailer discussion

(00:04:47) "3 From Hell" casting news

(00:07:25) Production has started on "Creed 2"

(00:10:19) Multiple scripts in development for "Star Trek 4"

(00:18:16) Apple considering developing original content

(00:23:52) "Red Sonja" adaptation in the works

Late to the party news:

(00:28:06) Elizabeth Banks attached to direct "Charlie's Angels" reboot

May discussion:

(00:35:09) "Bad Samaritan"

(00:37:54) "Batman Ninja"

(00:38:29) "Breaking In"

(00:40:25) "Terminal"

(00:41:40) "Deadpool 2"

(00:41:58) "First Reformed"

(00:45:37) "Solo: A Star Wars Story"

Reviews: (00:49:00) "Pacific Rim Uprising"

Torches And Pitchforks:

(01:04:12) "Guardians Of The Galaxy 2" is the weakest Marvel movie

(01:12:30) Robert's not a big fan of "The Breakfast Club"

(01:17:38) Alex is not a big fan of "Citizen Kane"


(01:24:08) Guess that movie based on the foreign title

(01:31:49) Crossover Franchise Extravaganza

(01:47:40) Outro

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