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Episode 115

Day 114 ~INSPIRATION FOR THESE TIMES~Christina's Daily Inspiration

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Embracing Our Inner Warrior to Create World Peace

Tibetan legend has it that the Kingdom of Shambhala rises when the world is in danger of annihilating itself through greed and corruption.

It says that this is a time when two great powers, one in the West and one in the East, are set on destruction and, though they have much in common, are focused only on the accumulation of weapons of unimaginable horror, intent on crushing each other. It seems the survival of every sentient being is at threat. It is a time of apocalypse. A time, it seems to many, that may be upon us now. It is then that the Warriors of Shambhala arise and bring about great healing. It is at this time of great turmoil and fear that the kingdom of Shambhala arises. And from this kingdom comes warriors to overthrow the purveyors of hate and weapons. The Shambhala warriors know that the forces of destruction do not come from outside ourselves but from within; that it is our own greed and fear and hate that creates the weapons that now threaten the world. In order to bring about change within the corridors of power and dismantle the weapons that threaten to destroy us all, these spiritual warriors must train in weapons of their own. These two essential weapons are compassion and insight. Compassion is essential because it moves us – when we are open to feeling the pain of others, we are driven to act to ease that suffering. However, compassion alone is not enough. We can become burnt out and angry and filled with despair, overwhelmed by the pain we feel around us. Insight is needed alongside compassion to give structure to our warmth. Our passionate hearts need to be combined with a rational understanding of the interconnectedness and interrelatedness of all things so that we realise, it is not a battle between external forces, but a coming to terms with the good and the bad within every human heart.

Insight brings with it the knowledge that every action, undertaken with pure intent, creates a ripple of healing in the world that has repercussions far greater than we can imagine. Alone insight can be too cool and detached, so it needs the heat and power of compassion to move it into action. The two combined create wise actions that can transform and heal the whole planet, especially if large numbers of warriors – an army in fact – are working on it together.

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