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Episode 19

Day 18~ The Invisible~ Christina's Daily Inspiration

Christina Bauer published on

Spiritual Consciousness-

Material living puts its faith in forms of good. Spiritual living makes use of that which is in the world; it enjoys the form, but its reliance is on that which is the substance of the form, or that which has created the form, The Invisible. All spiritual revelation has shown that the substance of this universe is in US. Our Consciousness is the substance of our world. Therefore, in the Master's words, "Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up." If anything in the world of effect is destroyed, in a short period of time, it can be rebuilt, re-established. Great civilizations have been destroyed, and others have taken their place. Anything that has been built can be rebuilt because everything that exits the outer realm exists as an activity of consciousness. If we should lose our home, our fortune, our family, we can be certain that the consciousness that built it could rebuild it. As consciousness becomes more spiritual, the confidence in the Infinite invisible increases and our love, hate, or fear of the external diminishes. We see the Infinite Invisible as the law, cause, and activity of all that is and drop concern for the form, whether it be person, thing, or condition. The realization of the Invisible as the substance of all form is vital to the attaining of spiritual consciousness. The visible form is merely the natural result of the activity of the invisible law and cause. Every issue of life is determined, not by external conditions and things, of course, but by our own consciousness

Joel Goldsmith ~ Practicing The Presence

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