Christina's Daily Inspiration- Contemplative Meditations

Episode 20

Day 19 ~Making Contact With Our Invisible Presence

Christina Bauer published on

The Power of Our Unshakable Presence-

Once we make contact with this invisible Presence, we will come to find that we are not so concerned about the outer world. There is trust, confidence, and an inner current of deep peace that takes over. This invisible Presence cannot be seen, heard, or felt. It is clear, initially, that there is nothing that we can GET from it. It gives of its own unfolding. We can not control it or its flow. Even though it can not be seen, heard, or touched, it does seem, after a period of time, that we do come to see, hear, touch and sometimes even smell its Presence. It is invisible, yet it becomes our experience. We begin seeing the effects of it. Things begin to come our way that heretofore did not come even with great effort on our part. We begin feeling the effects of it. There is a current of peace that may feel as though it is running through our very veins. We feel a dropping away of fear that most likely has been a part of us since we were a young child. We begin understanding things in a deeper and richer way than ever before. We may find ourselves less engaged in meaningless conversation and more intent on sharing from the heart. The invisible Source of Life is our true essence. Even though it has been this way our entire lives, as we become aware of IT, we are able to become more fully the experience and the expression of IT. 

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