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Episode 3

Day 2 ~ The True Self ~ Christina's Daily Inspiration ~ Contemplative Mediation

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The True Self is the Reality of our BE-ing. It is the real essence of who and what we are beneath the distracting thoughts of the mind. We have become identified with the thoughts and beliefs in our heads. This has led to our belief that we are these thoughts and beliefs; as our ‘personality’. The Webster dictionary definition of personality is as follows: the quality or state of being a person. We are more than this person. The person or personality is only a very minute aspect of our being. Our personalities are comprised of the thoughts, beliefs, judgments, and opinions of our minds that we have developed from our upbringing.  The truth of the matter is that this is not who we are. the True Self is completely free of thoughts, beliefs, judgments, and opinions. This means that it is also free of fear, worry, doubt, and confusion. It is not limited by circumstances nor is it affected by them. It does not need a thing, as it is the essence of pure contentment and fulfillment itself. From the perspective of the mind’s understanding, it is difficult to even imagine such a state, though all of us innately know from some deep intuitive sense inside that this IS possible. It is easier to define what the true self is not vs. what it is because the very nature of it is really indescribable through language. It is an experiential essence that cannot be accessed by the conceptual mind. Some have found access to their True Self during the suffering of great trauma, or even near-death experiences. When one loses consciousness and the mind is no longer in operation, then the True Self/Soul can reveal itself as it is no longer veiled by the incessant thoughts that distract us from its Presence. We do not have to lose physical consciousness though in order to experience the Truth of our Being.   


     This True Self is limitless, unconfined, open, expansive and mostly silent in nature. Though it does speak in a silent yet deafening way with its true intelligence and wisdom that cannot be found through the mind. One could try to explain it as though it carries with it an almost telepathic-like communication from within. It presents itself in communication as an inner knowing but one so deep that it literally feels as though the wisdom was already there permeating every cell upon the recognition or hearing of it. It is not held by or as form. It is formless. It is the raw awareness of our pure Presence. As science has proven that even these bodies that we live in are not solid; that they are pure circulating energy that is connected to every single other thing within the entire universe; i.e.: formless yet appearing as form. The True Self is also formless yet is invisible by sight, just as the air we breathe to sustain our very life is completely invisible by sight. It can be experienced as a soul sense which is not within the experience of the five physical senses. Meaning we cannot see it with our eyes, we cannot hear it with our outer ears, we cannot taste it with our taste buds, we cannot smell it with our nose, and we cannot touch it with our hands. We can indeed feel its presence from within our being, we can hear its wisdom and guidance from within our being and we can certainly see the effects of its presence in our lives once we begin resting in its warm silent pool of contentment. Sometimes it feels to me as if it is a warmth that flows through my veins, a calm that soothes and embraces every cell of my entire body and being. It brings a sense of undeniable certainty, a peace that truly passes understanding, a soft current of joy that is unlimited and unbound.

*Book release beginning of March 2019

From "The Power of Our Unshakable Presence" ~ Christina Bauer 



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