Christina's Daily Inspiration- Contemplative Meditations

Episode 24

Day 23~ Transformation~ Christina's Daily Inspiration

Christina Bauer published on

Any resistance to life’s natural flow of evolution will result in our own suffering.

We are all transforming at a more rapid rate than ever before. Our world is shifting on a planetary level. We are shifting on National and international levels. Our world appears to be in massive upheaval … systems are being fully revealed and are breaking down. Climate shifts are in real time expression across the entire planet. Times are changing. We are also changing. If we resist the changes by holding onto our old behaviors and patterns, we suffer. Life only works for us when we are in its flow. Life is an expanse of time whence growth or evolution may occur. It is a combination of experiences that allow us to expand in our own understanding. Essentially, it offers the possibility of leading us home to the truth of our being where the sense of separation is dissolved and the recognition of our oneness with all of life is revealed. There is no evolution of the true being. It is always pure harmony, peace, love, true understanding, and fulfillment itself, the source of creation. Therefore the journey of evolution is that of the person/mind. Every journey inevitably leads to the same destination, The Truth of Our Being. We begin as the Truth of Our Being and as the mind evolves, it takes us on the journey of seeing through eyes of separation,  we then through our experiences evolve along the way. This evolution is always offering the recognition of oneness, arriving at our original destination which was from whence we came forth. Did the true being disappear upon our journey? No, It is the source of the journey itself. It is simply hidden from view by the distracting veil of our thoughts. It has always been here, constant, eternal, knowing. To return home is to but clear out all that we are not that simply distracts us from the truth: the truth of our being. … These transformative times are simply a call to return home. Returning home is a choice. The doorway is found in listening; in the silence of our own heart. choosing to keep our awareness on the contents of our mind simply prolongs the journey of the person. Are we willing to set the mind aside? Are we willing to discover what is here beyond the mind and its stories? Are we willing to return home? These times are offering us the greatest transformation possible. The transformation from our little limited human personalities to the recognition of the limitless Power, Peace, and Fulfillment of our own being.      From Christina Bauer ~ Morning Meditation Insight

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