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Episode 4

Day 3 ~ The ONE ~Christina's Daily Inspiration ~ Contemplative Meditation

Christina Bauer published on

Words of Wisdom from four of the Great Masters on the subject of The ONE~ God/Tao/Universal Mind/Consciousness

JESUS~  The One is invisible, imperishable and un-namable. IT is not a God. Nothing exists above IT, and nothing existed before IT. IT is Unity and cannot be differentiated. IT is the Father of All and IT exists above All. IT is the Light in which no eye can look. IT is beyond perfection. IT exists outside of time. IT is without qualities and IT contains All qualities. IT is eternal, and IT alone exists.  ~The Apocryphon of John

KRISHNA~  I AM the Soul that exists in everything, I AM the beginning, middle, and end of all lives. I AM the Mind dwelling in all things. I AM Light. I AM Consciousness. I AM the eternal Word. I AM the ONE who never changes. I AM the Master over the future, and Lord of death. I AM in all things, and nothing moves without ME. ~ The Bhagavad Gita

BUDDHA~   Ultimate Reality is immovable but is the cause of movement. Only through great insight will one comprehend this such-ness.   ~ A Manual on Zen Buddhism


LAO TZU~  Before heaven and earth came into existence, there was only the ONE which never changes. It exists in sacred Silence, and IT is unaffected by actions. IT holds all things in its loving embrace but asks nothing for itself. What do I call this Nameless One? I call it Tao. 
~The Tao Te Ching

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