Christina's Daily Inspiration- Contemplative Meditations

Episode 46

Day 45 ~Spiritual Truth~ Christina's Daily Inspiration

Christina Bauer published on

Spiritual Truth does not require belief in a specific religion or even a deity because it is an innate knowing from within and is instinctual. When we hear statements of Truth, it can awaken in us an inner knowing. This is not a conceptual knowing. It is not known because of our beliefs, but by an unexplainable intuition which carries with it an unshakable certainty. One could say then that Truth is comprehensible solely by the Soul facilities. The Truth of our Being. WE are where this begins. Soul recognition is inner-directed. It is a deeply personal inner experience. It requires going within and honing our ability to hear the silence and the still small voice. 

Limited concepts hold us in bondage to suffering. This is due to our own ignorance. Ignorance is simply ignoring the Truth.
~ Christina Bauer  The Power of Our Unshakable Presence releasing next month

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