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Episode 66

Day 65 ~ How To Access Inner Silence

Christina Bauer published on

How do we access our inner Silence?

Silence is not something that is attainable and that is where I sense most who are trying to attain the silence within get derailed. Silence is already inherent in our being. It IS our being and the essence of all of life. It is as if we allow the mind to fall into this silence. We have to be willing to take our attention off of the mind and just allow ourselves to BE. BE means doing nothing, seeking nothing, just sitting or standing in Nothingness… This sounds very boring I know … but it is in the Emptiness, the nothingness that the truth of who we are is revealed. If we rest in this Nothingness, this silence for some time, IT will reveal itself. We can not be waiting, looking, anticipating, seeking though. We are passive and resting… receptive … open… available …. BEing… nothing. If we set aside time consistently for this… IT will change our lives… we will come to find a softening… a deepening, true understanding coming forth on its own without thinking necessary. Peace will begin to feel as though it is filling us… when in reality it is that we as our personalities are dissolving enough to allow the space for that which we truly are to reveal itself. Lasting Contentment can only be found here. It IS what we already are. When we move our attention off of the noise of the mind and the outer world we make ourselves available for Reality to be recognized. This is simply Consciousness (the Silent empty Source of all Life that is subtle yet the greatest power known) Consciousness becoming conscious of itself.
No imagination is necessary here. It will only prolong recognition. I suggest this as an exploration. An exploration in Nothingness. Emptiness, Consciousness. I know it sounds crazy in words and that is because there are really no real words that can define this that we already are. The only thing necessary is our willingness, willingness to step aside and see what is here when we (our personalities) are not. This recognition can happen in an instant or it can unfold over what appears as time. IT IS THE TRUE PURPOSE OF OUR LIFE. To wake up to the recognition of what we truly are and Life truly IS. Be patient, inquisitive, receptive, and not in a waiting state for something to take place. Just Rest … Here Now as Nothing and EVERYTHING will be revealed.   ~ Christina Bauer

Honoring a request for more clarity on accessing Inner Silence



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