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Episode 9

Day 8~ Living Between Two Worlds ~Christina's Daily Inspiration

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Writings from Joel Goldsmith  "Living Between Two Worlds"

Spiritual Discernment Reveals That Which Is

Just as intelligence enables us to ride without fear on a train because we know that the tracks do not come together in the distance, just as it is now possible to take a ship beyond the horizon because we have learned that there is no horizon in spite of appearances: so as our spiritual faculties are enlarged, enriched and deepened, we will discover that every aspect of limitation begins to disappear. There is a greater and greater awareness of the fact that the five physical senses do not testify truthfully. Gradually, as we learn not to judge by appearances, but are STILL for a moment and let the Spirit bear witness, we will discern spiritually and we will see as God sees.
Any time that we are confronted with appearances that we do not understand, we must stop for a moment, pause, close our eyes if possible, and be receptive as if we were listening. Then, in place of the sick or the sinning person, we will hear the voice say, "This is my beloved brother in whom I am well pleased. Neither do I condemn him"

 The ability to move from the world of material sense to the world of spiritual discernment is proportionate to our ability to close our eyes to the appearance and wait for that inner intuition to reveal to us the truth of what we are beholding. It is as simple as that, and it is as difficult as that: difficult because we have been born and brought up with the idea of looking right at the appearance and then with our so-called human cleverness calling it good or evil and congratulating ourselves on what expert psychologists we are. In facing the temptation that there is an external power, let us go back instantly and realize that Consciousness is the basic substance, cause, and law of all creation. All creation manifests the qualities, character, and nature of Consciousness. Spiritual discernment demands that instead of judging and arriving at an opinion, we close our eyes to the appearance, and let the Spirit bear witness. Then the Spiritual Truth behind the appearance will be made evident to us.  ~Joel Goldsmith

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