Conservative Teacher
Episode 10

Radical islam in our Schools

Sean Hiland published on

Identifying radical Islam

  • There’s been a lot of talk about radical Islam in the wake of the Orlando shooting and yet no one seems to offering up clear criteria as to what constitutes radical Islam

  1. You must reject Wahhabism. reject Wahhabism and other radical Islamic sects

  2. You must reject funding and other forms of support from Wahhabist organizations and countries that sponsor Wahhabism.

  3. You must recognize the right of Israel to exist.


Radical Islam in K-12

  • Over 30,000 American students in Islamic Day Schools

  • Many day schools partially funded by Wahhabist Saudi Arabia

  • Textbooks distributed to students condemn the United States, the West, Christianity and Judaism

  • A valedictorian of the Islamic Saudi Academy of Virginia is currently in prison for attempting to assassinate George W. Bush


Radical Islam in our Colleges

  • Muslim Student Association in the United States was originally founded by the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood

  • Many former chaplains and presidents of the Muslim Student Association have gone on to become terrorists

  • Many members of the Muslim Student Association refuse to condemn terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah


Conservative Teacher - Radical islam in our Schools
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