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Episode 13

Self-Sabotage in Black America

Sean Hiland published on

A review of John H. McWhorter’s book, Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black in America


Cult of Victimology

  • Victimology is calling attention to victimhood where it is barely found at all.

  • 71% of African-Americans say they have been the victim of racism as some point in their lives. This is simply poor treatment filtered the lense of race.

  • Everyone listening can probably agree with at least one of these statements

    • A teacher in school treated me unfairly

    • A cop singled me out for a speeding ticket when others were going faster

    • A boss rewarded with promotion, raise or special treatment to an inferior work colleague - ignoring me

  • Whites will generally attribute this to the individual being an a**hole.  Blacks to racism


Cult of Separatism

  • Victimhood leads to separation


    • The Stigma of Inclusion: Racial Paternalism/Separatism in Higher Education (2002). "The colleges profiled in the survey include Amherst College, Brown University, Cornell University, George Washington University, Haverford College, MIT, Northwestern University, Oberlin College, Pennsylvania State University, Princeton, Smith, Stanford University, University of California-Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Vassar, Wesleyan University, and Yale. The research was done by Harvard undergraduate Ramin Afshar-Mohajer and Evelyn Sung, now a student at NYU Law School. The survey found:Colleges create special administrative positions and “minority” offices that strengthen separatist campus organizations;Colleges organize separate events and programs for minority students, including, in some instances, separate orientations and “Minority Weekends”;College-endorsed minority student organizations on campuses encourage minority students’ separatism, in an effort to promote “group-identity”;Colleges target and treat minority students as in need of remedial services, just because they’re students of color on a predominantly white campus;Colleges provide courses and departments with a politically-correct multicultural/diversity bent;Colleges provide racially-identifiable, ethnic housing on campus, sometimes with links to academic programs, that allow for the steering of minority frosh to racial/ethnic “identity” dorms.”

  • Today, UConn is building a separate dorm for 40 black undergraduates to “foster scholarship”

  • “UCLA’s vice chancellor Janina Montero responded on behalf of UCLA’s chancellor Gene Block that she is open to many of the ASU’s demands, including exclusive funding for the ASU, revision of the school’s anti-discrimination policies, an "Afro-house" for black students, a student advisory board for campus diversity, increased enrollment of black students, and creation of a Black Student Leadership Task Force. She also said that the chancellor has collaborated with the LAUSD to build the Horace Mann UCLA Community School in South Los Angeles.”

  • Dangerous because it leads to an unconscious labeling of blacks as inferiors and strips them of their chance for the dignity that comes from equal treatment.


Cult of Anti-Intellectualism

  • Teasing from peers

  • Lower expectations from parents

  • Poverty does not explain it.

    • Most black students are middle class

    • In urban schools, the children of recent Southeast Asian immigrants tend to do better than their black counterparts in the same school
Conservative Teacher - Self-Sabotage in Black America
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