Cool Story; Needs More Girls

Episode 2

Cool Story; Needs More Girls: Where the Moms at?

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Your hosts Maggi and Lizz are here to talk about Mothers! We're gonna talk about the nagging moms of media, Bad Moms, and our own awesome mothers. We're gonna talk about how much we love our moms and just how many children there are between us.
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Bowie, Soren (2012, June 12) Why Every ‘80s Sitcom Decided to Kill off the Mom.…-to-kill-off-mom/

Shows mentioned (Citations available upon request):
Full House
Punky Brewster 
Diff’rent Strokes
Growing Pains
My Two Dads 
Malcolm in the Middle
The Brady Bunch
I Love Lucy
Leave it to Beaver
Everybody Loves Raymond
Bad Moms

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