Coolest Men Alive

Episode 7

Origin Story: This is the 7th one where Tory and Jesse Talk About The Origin Of This Podcast

Mike Rotman published on

Every Great Dynamic Duo has an ORIGIN STORY and the COOLEST MEN ALIVE are no different!

Hear the epic origin of the “Coolest Men Alive” as they say good-bye to all their previous incarnations and head boldly into a new era as simply, “COOLEST ALIVE!”


A killer introduction and update from Tory and Jesse!!

AND the ORIGINAL hysterical PLAYBOY RADIO PILOT for “Coolest Men Alive!"

        - The obvious inspiration for their theme music!

        - Tory’s FIRST loud scream into the microphone!

        - The DEBATE that started them all and Tory Jesse can’t seem to stop rehashing, “Man of Steel” GOOD or EVIL?

        - Tory and Jesse confess their feelings for each other, Christian Bale and “The Rock”.

        - What it means to be the Coolest Men Alive! How to?

Plus, feelings on Batman Vs Superman, Tim Burton’s Batman, 70’s Batman, Deadpool, Jesse’s Tattoo, Teen Wolf, Twilight, 311, The Struts, Aquaman and LOADS MORE!!

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