Coolest Men Alive

Episode 5

This is the 5th one where Tory and Jesse Talk Star Wars Trailer

Mike Rotman published on

COOLEST NEWS OF THE WEEK: MARVEL ABANDONES PROMOTIONAL COLLABORATION with WAR PROFITEERS NORTHROP GRUMEN DEAL! Promotion of casual violence0- 5th largest defense contractors, named one of the 10 companies who have profited the most from recent wars and conflicts in the Middle East and abroad. Recruitment. NFL and kneeling.


Star Wars Trailer….

Runaways Trailer….

Pacific Rim 2 Trailer….

QUICK ROUND UP of Film/TV Headlines…

- Creed 2 announced.
- Keanu Reeves confirms Bill and Ted 3 script details!
- Bride of Frankenstein Postponed by Universal
- Rock/Tyrese/Diesel controversy…
- The Tick announces 2nd half season release date/ Review first half…!


Milestone Returns!

DC Doomsday Clock Preview….

DC’s Fantastic Four, the Terrifics and Tom Strong…

Lamest News ALIVE: Walking Dead Cross Over

Stans Cameo in the Gifted explained

Bull Shit From the Internet with a pic of Meagan Fox for playing an obscure character in Jonah Hex”Tallulah Black” b

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