"Crisis To Crushin' it"
Episode 13

Barrett Leslie, on Immortality and 24/7 Enlightenement

Joel Ingram published on

Hello, my name is Joel Ingram and I am the "The Midlife Crisis Man", and host of the "Crisis to Crushin' It" Podcast.

Today we have Barrett Leslie with us.

With a background in film/animation, a math degree and fractal research, manual labor (lobstermen, carpenter, window washer, etc), insurance adjuster, manager/ceo of claims company.

His journey took him to film school where he became accidentally enlightened, which set him on the path of meditation.

From here his interests took him to, learning math to enable him to logically deduce and develop tech toward the end of transhumansim.

Barrett Leslie, welcome to the show!

Please reach out to connect with Barrett below.







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