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Episode 28

Episode 28: Weedmaps

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We're joined again by Marty for the conclusion to the alien children 2-parter, "Awakenings". The cyborgs travel to the alien children's home dimension to free their people and repel the invaders. In this episode, Sean discovers a new billboard, we get a new sponsor, Switch hype, Bowser dad simulator 2017, Zelda for furries, TAKE THE ROCK, noted indie game Bobmerman, babby.exe is shutting down, ancient aliens, violence IS the answer, Sean has shapes trouble, 002 in the piss dimension, some big assumptions, fear as a motivator, the subspace emissary, bazooka joe, the aliens hacked Grandia II, the perv couch, the precursor Naruto run, violence for violence is awesome, the saddest greaser, LIGHT POWER, and the twist that wasn't. 


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Cry-borg 009 - Episode 28: Weedmaps
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