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Episode 29

Episode 29: Captain Planet's Fursona

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We're joined by Tessa for episode 29: "The Blue Earth"! In this episode, 005 goes to his former home and fights the planet, who is a cat.  Topics discussed include ska concert parallels, play the Shrek song, the duality of concert-goers, fabric hell and dildo emporiums, sausage stand bag check, Sean goes off on hard cider, Kozumi is missing, a pup named 002, liver fistfight, free range oil, the telltale pile-driver, the most unlikable character, some weird straight animal, tomato asmr, dead bland husband, daily pokemon movie VHS watch, boobs up the wazoo, 005 has a religious experience in the velvet room, 1v1 me bro,ans  punching all the garbage into space.


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Cry-borg 009 - Episode 29: Captain Planet's Fursona
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