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Episode 30

Episode 30: The Sustained Fozzie Reaction

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This week we're joined by Tim for episode 30: "Computopia", where the gang travels to a futuristic domed city run by a hormonal master computer. In this episode, there's sports talk, workout mistakes, the horniness of Shantae, Naruto children, hit British anime Wallace and Gromit, the benefits of nazi-punching, shakespeare-bot, casual dome city, off-model Tommy Pickles, a quick action scene, Dr. Suess professor, 3rd-rate muppet, passive aggressive AI, boxtops, crimeboy 007, 004 the skin harvester, impending het, Tex Avery takes, gamer jokes, nuclear mechazord family, shape-shifting blackface, Bob Jackass, oculus rift virtual love, correspondence course doctorate, and 7/10. 


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Cry-borg 009 - Episode 30: The Sustained Fozzie Reaction
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