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Episode 31

Episode 31: Belushi Go Mid

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We're joined by Teddy this week to recap episode 31: "Monster Island". In this episode the cyborgs find a research facility that's making zombies and robot animals for... reasons? Topics brought up include comedy actor stats, alien furry husbands, the ownership of the word "morph", nightmare skill tree, moods about mouths, portals to the hollow Earth, failing the horror test, a horde of Sasukes, evil laser deer, worst driver 006, karate neck-chopping some wildlife, inter-shot teleportation, midday Resident Evil, more fetishes for the 007 list, the sequel to Big Hero 6, giant pinball bumper of lightning doom, 007 is fucking dead, hyperrealistic fish creepypasta, 002 gets shark vored, sci-fi original movies, Birdemic 3, hell aliens from the b-movie dimension, cyborg 009 but every episode it gets dumber, handsome zombies, load-bearing computer, and the Gamera song.


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Cry-borg 009 - Episode 31: Belushi Go Mid
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