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Episode 32

Episode 32: We Cut To The Owl

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We're joined by Jess this week for episode 32: "Man Or Machine". In this episode, 004 spends most of the episode playing the highest-stakes version of rockem' sockem' robots you can imagine.  Topics discussed include boring opening, Easy Petepocalypse, gamer grandma, freefall airlines, forgetting what phones are, worst apartment, Tokyo drift into the castle, spookiness aura, owl scare, the power of 004's stand, obligatory Futurama joke, weird eyes surprise, just like Gilmore!, a robot made of basketball shorts, not how lightning OR trees work, Gilmore gets fucking murdered, placeholder lines, and wondering if maybe 004 died. 


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Cry-borg 009 - Episode 32: We Cut To The Owl
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