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Episode 33

Episode 33: Vaguely Twilight Zone

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We're joined by Ryan for Episode 33: "The Frozen Time". In this episode, 009 undergoes some routine maintenance, which of course means something goes horribly wrong.  Topics discussed include Clockstoppers (again), Yakuza shenanigans, the MBMBAM show, boob lady from Slayers, bittersweet Ouran memories, shitty balloons, Nyquil Driver, 007 hates mondays, child bothering, the ennui of 003, 009 factory reset, ambien in peanut butter, sudden acting syndrome, the most dangerous cargo, natural selection, worst radio, strained grunts, the speed of gravity, the 100-meter obliviousness race, anime john henry, "Slam That Pipe", time-stopping clown, and a season-and-a-half emotion refractory period. 


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Cry-borg 009 - Episode 33: Vaguely Twilight Zone
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