Cry-borg 009

Episode 41

Lupin Lottery 1: Stop Or My Nephews Will Shoot

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Welcome to the second week of filler, everyone! This week Sean and Jess watched an episode of Lupin III Part II, "Lupin, Who Killed Lupin", and frankly I don't think any plot summary is able to cut it for this one. Topics discussed include the random Lupin generator, a hell of an ep, can't jack it to Code Lyoko, a non-hit and run, top down in Sweden, obviously evil doctor, do not trust this woman, working in a TMBG reference, vampire confusion, only when it's funny, pew lounging, from good to great, nephew cronies, back at it again at perfectly symetrical violence, we both lose our goddamn minds, a woman is a lot like a robot, 1970s drone, "bad science man", transformer technology, cheap safes, mystery disguises, romantic of the year, and a somehow even more insane next episode preview.


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