Cum Town
Episode 54

Ep. 54 - New Characters

Nick Mullen published on

Were debuting some new characters we've been working on - Gay Guy, mexican guy who is trying to go to the bathroom bu he cant because his dick is too small, Doctor Retard. 

Cum Town - Ep. 54 - New Characters
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  • Bilbo Hapsburg

    My aunt Lymphedema

  • Bilbo Hapsburg

    Nick is Rayman, Adam is Megaman and Stav is Ebisumaru

  • Paul Mcallister

    laser disc isn't analog you dumb fuck

  • Jacques Oeuf

    Oh yes it is. Video is all analog on a LD. Don't try to correct the Golden Boy Of Autism.

  • Chris Strand

    I declare this THE ep to introduce someone to CumTown. This one was really good.

  • Robert Mallot

    yummy yummy give me cummy put your cummy in my tummy if that cummy i dont get i will throw a cummy fit