Death Is Just Around the Corner

#68: Thomas Pynchon and the American Reconquista, pt. 2

Dead Astronaut published on

After eviction from our manmade island & transfer of our facilities to a disused oil rig, we're happy to bring you part 2 of "Thomas Pynchon and the American Reconquista": THE CRYING OF LOT 49, the "counterculture" compromised from the word go, and how an entire generation saw its parents fucking in the Zapruder film.

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  • Head in a Jar

    Regarding your assertion that MK Ultra didn't turn out mind-controlled assassins, is there not evidence of hypnosis and mind control having been used on several assassins or would-be assassins, including Sirhan Sirhan, John Hinckley, Mark David Chapman, and, as you mention, Ted Kaczynski? Seems like the CIA had at least some amount of success in producing assassins.

  • Dead Astronaut

    In the sense of having irreparably damaged the minds of some people who later went on to commit crimes (or, in Sirhan's case, to take the fall for a crime), yeah, that's true; I was referring more to the sci-fi "Manchurian Candidate" scenario in which they can flip a switch, say a codeword, and turn somebody into a SEAL sniper.

  • Head in a Jar

    Yes, I guess the CIA's success is more the nature of "mind-controlled patsies" rather than mind controlled assassins.

  • Dead Astronaut

    Right, and in the case of Kaczynski, for instance, I don't think they particularly meant to create a killer – I think they were interested in the results of the study for their possible application to torture and interrogation scenarios, and they didn't give a shit about the victims, one of whom happened to have something to say about it.

  • Citoyen might want to recall that the Richard Condon 58 novel as well as movie features clear allusions to Democratic Keystone combo Sens. Thomas Dodd and James Eastland both of whom were on Sen. Juvenile Delinquent subcom and had weird shit on Oswald already in Jan 63. Once you go into strange career of Thomas may never come back . Thomas Dodd needs a book but it will be covered up