Destiny Reset
Episode 118

Destiny Reset Episode 118 - What 'tis the Season

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Join AER0 and Cyborg this Reset for What 'tis the Season!  This Reset we prepare our Personal Computers for the launch of Destiny 2, Aer0 has a mid-game crisis, and we dissect everything Bungie revealed for seasons in Destiny.  We also cover the TWAB, Hotfix 1.0.5, Trials of the Nine, content drought vs incentive drought, bringing back old D1 maps, Assassin's Creed Origins, Super Mario Odyssey, and of course some #DRPfam Discourse.  Don't hesitate to get in contact with us by tweeting us @DestinyReset or email us at  You can also chat with us on Facebook, YouTube, and our group. For all things Destiny Reset visit our website at  Enjoy and take care guardians! #DRPfam

Destiny Reset - Destiny Reset Episode 118 - What 'tis the Season
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