DiC Geeks

Episode 47

Bump in the Night/Mummies Alive! (1994/1997)

Mostly Kobolds published on

A show that is far too much to watch for more than 5 minutes and a show that has a fantastic theme song and immediately plunges downhill thereafter. Oh joy. 

Well, we've already covered Bump in the Night before on our Christmas special episode last year, with the dreaded 60 minute long "T'was the Night Before Bumpy" but now we're paying our dues and actually looking at the show as it should be and yeeeeah no it really isn't improved in its shorter form. Mummies Alive! fares a little better but not by much - apart from the kickass theme tune created by the same dude who composed the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers theme tune, it's a bit bland and has a lack of any real substance past tired cliche tropes and cartoon antics. 

This episode is a little bit on the naff side since Avery was falling asleep in real time and honestly couldn't put up with either of these shows for very long. Sorry about that. We'll be back next episode with Monster Mash.

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